Utah "Buffalo" Apron

Utah "Buffalo" Apron

These Utah aprons are cut from, extra-oiled, full grain buffalo leather. Full grain leather is a special type of leather cut in which the surface has remained completely intact. This buffalo leather is therefore extra sturdy yet very flexible and comfortable to wear.

Product information

  • Hand made in The Netherlands (Waalwijk)
  • 100% Genuine, supple buffalo leather
  • Sturdy adjustable straps
  • Easy adjustable buckle clasp
  • Fitted with handy tea towel loop

The Utah leather aprons are available in three different colors: Black, Choco and Rust.


Choose from 3 lengths; we measure from the sternnum to the top of your knee: 29" (23½" wide), 32¼" (23½" wide) and 35" cm XL (27½" wide)


Small: for those that are 5'4" or less

Medium: for those under 6'

Large: for those upto 6'6" or just like a longer apron


Need a bit more width? Choose a size largerOver 6'6" or >44" in waist - drop us a note for a customized fit


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