New York "the Classy" Apron

New York "the Classy" Apron

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New York is a grain leather with a smooth spray appearance. Grain leather is the most precious part of the skin. This type of leather falls nicely around your body because of its flexibility. New York aprons are durable in use and easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Product information

  • Hand made in The Netherlands (Waalwijk)
  • 100% Genuine, supple buffalo leather
  • Sturdy adjustable straps
  • Easy adjustable buckle clasp
  • Fitted with handy tea towel loop

The New York leather aprons are available in five colors: Cognac, Brown, Green, Blue and Black.


Choose from 3 lengths; we measure from the sternnum to the top of your knee: 29" (23½" wide), 32¼" (23½" wide) and 35" cm XL (27½" wide)


Small: for those that are 5'4" or less

Medium: for those under 6'

Large: for those upto 6'6" or just like a longer apron


Need a bit more width? Choose a size larger

Over 6'6" or >44" in waist - drop us a note for a customized fit


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