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Combine the love of craftsmanship and hand-crafted leather, and you have Xapron. Owner Peter Vrins added an X (kiss) to the English name for apron, to show his love for traditional, hand-made leather products.

Since 2015, we have produced traditional BBQ aprons and various leather accessories. The leather aprons are excellent to use in the professional catering kitchen, the home kitchen, at the BBQ, or while doing odd jobs. The designs come from our own design team and are then made in the traditional way in our learning workshop … by hand and with a great sense of detail. 

All Xapron leather aprons are designed by the Xapron team in the Netherlands and manufactured by hand in Waalwijk. Because we are proud of our Dutch heritage you'll find a small orange pennant attached to the breast label on all of our aprons

Waalwijk has been famous for it's leather products since the end of the 18th century. To preserve good craftsmanship, our aprons are still handmade by experienced professionals, just like the leather from the beautiful tanneries in the neighborhood of Waalwijk.

Remarkably smooth

All of our leather is sourced from Italy and is selected to meet our demanding specifications. The specially developed in-house treatment of the leather makes our aprons strikingly light and flexible. An Xapron apron is not only comfortable, but due to the suppleness of the leather the aprons contour nicely around any body type. 



Granda Vivo LLC, Importer and distributor of Xapron products made in Europe. Registered in Georgia USA
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Granda Vivo LLC - U.S. Distributor of Xapron Netherlands b.v.

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